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Looking for information on free movie and TV show download sites in India or maybe you want to know the working of Proxy & unblock mirror sites for illegal Tamilrockers, PSARips, Filmyzilla or 123movies. We’ve included every relevant information in this in-depth article on current piracy websites in India and their working in current scenario, including Telegram Free HD Hindi movie download case-study.

The search for your favorite TV show or newly released HD Bollywood/ Hollywood movie download had always been in search trends, especially the free 720p or 1080p HD Web-rip, Web-dl or HDTV versions. With the popularity of steaming services like Netflix, amazon prime, Peacock, apple TV, hulu and Disney+ etc., People expected there will be a decline in these trends for two main reasons.

First, as these online streaming services are churning thousands of high quality content per month, people must realize they can’t download all those HD releases as eventually they will run out of storage spaces. Especially in India, where the search for Both Hindi Bollywood movies and Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi and other regional languages, left the viewer exhausted for resources.

Secondly, whats even the need to go through all those index of TV shows and movie sites and shady pirated websites, when these streaming services offering the official & hassle free means to watch your favorite shows and movies with such cheap plans. For example, a Netflix monthly subscription costs $8.99 in the united states for the Basic plan whereas in India the mobile plan is even more cheaper at just rs 199/ month ($2.66).

Bollywood Hollywood Movies TV Shows Online Download and Piracy website Working Scenario

And to all fairness, mirror and proxies of sites like bit torrent and pirate bay today are nothing compared to the original’s peak back in 2006. But the search for free full HD movies and HD TV shows download is still there and hence the birth of many mirror peer-to-peer file sharing sites.

In India however, illegal sites like tamilrockers and 123movies as well as “Free movie channels on Telegram” are popular for entirely different reasons. There are over 22 major languages in India and hence multiple film industries like Tollywood (Telugu film industry), Tollywood (Bengali film industry), Bhojiwood (Bhojpuri film industry), Sandalwood (Kannada film industry), Mollywood (Malyalam film industry), Ollywood (Odia film industry), Pollywood (Punjabi film industry) and Kollywood (Tamil film industry) etc.

While Bollywood is the main stream film industry in the country watched throughout India, these regional cinema caters the needs of different parts of India in their own language. And so, people of certain state living elsewhere in India or abroad usually try to access their regional films in pirated form via sites like 123movies, Filmyzilla and Tamilrockers.

The ease of finding the latest movies and TV shows in these sites and the availability of same day release within hours make their prospect even more eye-catching. Tamilrockers for example releases any south Indian movie’s Cam, Cam rip & HDcam print on the same day as its theater release.

Tamilrockers and 123movies are also infamous for providing pirated online content from streaming services, regional television and OTT platforms. And people looking for HDTS, PreDVDRip, DVDscr, BDscr, DVDrip, DVD-R, Web-DL, WEBrip, BDrip, BRrip and all TVrips like HDTV, DTH & DTVrips etc, usually visit Tamilrockers first before even looking for the official source.

Piracy in any form is totally illegal in India and hence these sites are time and again shut down by the authorities. But these hydra-like-sites still maintains their online presence via mirror and proxy sites. For example even though ministry of IT have banned the main piracy sites in country including Tamilrockers and 123movies, you can still find their proxy sites on net.

Here are the working proxy sites list in 2021 with only the domain name extension changed [Included here only for educational Purposes. We strongly advise you to stay clear of these Illegal movie download websites]

Tamilrockers Proxy Site 1 : (Status - Online)
Tamilrockers Proxy Site 2 : (Status - Online)
Tamilrockers Proxy Site 3: (Status - Online)
Tamilrockers Proxy Site 4:  (Status - Online)
Tamilrockers Proxy Site 5: (Status: Blocked)

Coming back to viewing experience from official sources and via illegal free movie and TV show downloads, we came to know the juxtaposition. On one hand there is risk of infecting your mobile or PC with viruses when you visit these shady websites like 123movies and even if you find any free movie or TV show websites without redirects, there is always the guilt of promoting piracy, in back of your mind.

But it also true that despite the digital revolution in the country these past few years, the internet penetration rate in India is just around 40% and even that couldn’t guarantee a reliable connection in rural locations. Hence people go for sites like 123movies, Filmyzilla and Tamilrockers to download free TV series, free Hindi Web series and Movies in HD quality, so that they can watch their favorite show in one sitting without buffering.

In Bollywood Hindi Film market, all the new movies and Web series releases are loosing a significant 30-40% of their Box-Office collection to these illegal websites. Today even the most star-studded Big budget Bollywood movies only take 3-4 week for their Digital releases after theatrical release.

Piracy websites like PSArips, Melomovie, HDPopcorn and Tamilrockers have been booming due to this current practice. Viewers wait just another month for the 720p and 1080p Webrip, Web-dl and Blu-ray Rips copy of Movies to be available on these sites instead of watching it in theaters, resulting in over a Billion USD annual loss in revenue.

Similarly South-Indian Cinema has been hit hard due to the relentless nature of these illegal Movie download websites, which operates via multiple multiple mirror and Proxy sites. “Baahubali” for example has been downloaded illegally over 2.5 Million times immediately after its theatrical release. Over all the south Indian movie industry suffer an annual loss of around 700 Million USD.

Over the years many anti-piracy services restricted sites like Tamilrockers Proxy, Filmyzilla, PSARips and 123Movies and their working mirror sites by removing 100% working movie download links from the search engines and adding fake torrent links.

To some extent, these methods have shown results as people get frustrated when they regularly encounter these non-working Download links. But operators and devoted followers of these illegal movie download websites have adapted themselves with evolving Technology and resources.

For example, Telegram – the cloud-based instant messaging software has been wrongfully used by these “Telegram free full HD movie Channels” to release HD Version of all the latest Bollywood Hindi movies and Hollywood movies in English and Netflix series dubbed in regional languages.

The ease of finding 100% working free movie download links on Telegram, has made the spread of online piracy ten-fold in the country. Gone are the days, when people used to watch HD-CAM and Cam-rip version. With better encoding and ripping technologies, people are getting their hand on the latest Movies and TV series in High Definition Print.

Needless to say, in upcoming years as youngsters gets educated, internet connectivity in India becomes better and streaming services become more accessible and further cheaper, the business of sites like 123movies, filmyzilla, PSARips, melomovie, HDpopcorns and Tamirockers will definitely going to be irrelevant, on their own.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for educational Purposes Only. We don't endorse or Promote Online Piracy. We've presented information on the current scenario of illegal Movie and TV show Download sites and Proxies in India and the adverse effect of it on the Film and Television Industry.

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