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Looking for the hottest Korean Instagram Models to follow in 2021? This article lists 15 Korean Instagram Models account that exudes the oomph, drawing attention of thousands of followers.

There are around 14 Million active Instagram users in republic of Korea and around 56% of them are women, majorly in the age group 18-24 and 25-34. Koreans favourite hangout on Instagram lands on accounts related to Beauty, fashion, lifestyle & enticing IG Models.

Since there is no dearth of yeppeo (Pretty) Korean girls on Instagram, the models here were handpicked based on overall Aesthetics of their profile, regular engagement and of course bringing the hotness to your feed (K-Pop stars were excluded from the list).

While some of these ladies are actual professional models others belong from field ranging from DJ, entrepreneurs to fashion Mavens that will make you sweat under the collar. Their candid hot pics have earned them thousands of like and grant good fame & fortune.

So, give these Korean girls a follow on Instagram and I promise you won’t regret it. They’ll add a much needed spice to your feed. Hope you enjoy the list and please mention in the comment section, some of your other favourite Korean IG accounts that we should look into.



Instagram Account@2silverrainn
Korean Name이은비
Followers80 K
Popular Hashtags# bikini #fashion #swimsuit #modellife
USPKorean Model/ TV presenter

Lee Eunbi is a Multi – talented entertainer from South Korea. She is the winner of “Miss Supranational Korea 2018” & “Miss Korea Incheon 2017”. The 27 years old model & influencer is always re-defining hotness with her latest bikini snaps.


Instagram Account@do._.vely
Followers105 K
Popular Hashtags# bikini #summer #hot #model
USPKorean Model

Yuri Do is a Korean Instagram model, who shot to fame as a contestant in the 2020 Miss Maxim contest. The Models Instagram is filled with her risqué bikini avatar, a sight for the sore eyes.


Instagram Account@eom_sangmi
Korean Name엄상미
Followers112 K
Popular Hashtags#photoshoot #hot # #model
USPModel & Vlogger

Eom SangMi is another professional Model & host in our list from Seoul Korea. The Model also have a Youtube channel, where she Vlogs her Modelling life and Travel. On Instagram though, she shares many hot pictures, flaunting her impeccable curves and perfectly toned legs.


Instagram Account@ rockchaeeun
Korean Name락채은
Followers200 K
Popular Hashtags#beautiful #charm #bikini #beachwear
USPModel & Vlogger

Chaeeun Sarah Lee is a very popular freelance Model, Auto Salon girl & host from South Korea. She has done modelling campaigns for brands like Candy Lab, H Style, Come on Vincent, She Beach, Nike & MLB Korea. With her bewitching beauty and flirtatious poses, Chae Eun’s Instagram pics can stall your heart momentarily.


Instagram Account@ ssovely1024
Korean Name쏘블리
Followers347 K
Popular Hashtags#koreanmodel #beauty #fashion
USPModel & Vlogger

Sovely is a promotional Korean model and Instagram influencer in the fashion and lifestyle space. Checking all the boxes of Korean beauty standards, her beauty makes us breathe a dreamy sigh.

10. MAE LE

Instagram Account@0cmspring
Korean Name 
Followers347 K
Popular Hashtags#korea #cosplay #lingerie #exclusive
USPModel & Vlogger

Mae Le is an Instagram Model and exclusive content creator that posts cosplay, Lingerie and random selfies. If you haven’t heard of her then, wait till you see her steamy bikini photos.


Instagram Account@dj_siena
Korean Name박시현
Followers631 K
Popular Hashtags#korea #music #fun #love
USPProfessional DJ

Sihyun Park aka DJ Siena is a famous EDM DJ & promotional model, who has performed at several of Asia’s premiere nightclubs. Earlier in her career, she also won the “Best Motor Show Model of the Year award 2015” and we can see why; her exquisite beauty and playful mood add charm to her already enviable figure.


Instagram Account@ barbie_fit_
Korean Name바비 최
Followers346 K
Instagram DescriptionTake me to Heaven!!
USPInstagram Model & Fitness Enthusiast

Next on our list is the Korean seductive Instagram Model, Barbie Choi, who will make you ogle at her curves all day long. The IG model also posts her travel vlog pics along with the regular fitness and beauty promotions. She also has around 190 K followers on Tik Tok (@barbie_Choi)


Instagram Account@ cr5p__br
Korean Name전보람
Followers940 K
Instagram DescriptionAlways Sunny!!
USPInstagram Beauty & Lifestyle Influencer

Boram Chada ranked 7th on our hottest Korean models list. A beauty and lifestyle reviewer and influencer, Boram’s radiant beauty will take your breath away.


Instagram Account@yoo____91
Korean Name유지
Followers30 K
Popular Hastags#koreanmodel #fashionmodel #Beautiful
USPProfessional Model

Yoo Ji Hye is a professional Model from republic of Korea. She has done several runway walks in major fashion shows as well as some cosmetic commercials. With 170 cm height and a sought after figure of Bust: 34, Waist: 25 & Hips: 35; the Korean babe is killing it, with a wave a steamy Instagram pics.


Instagram Account@jisamss
Korean Name지선
Followers202 K
Popular Hastags#Banigirl #sexykong #BIKINI
USPProfessional Model

Jiseon aka Branch Line is another upcoming model, shot to fame in 2020, as a participant in Miss Maxim Korea contest. The bewitching model explained on the competition page how she faced a lot of discomfort when she was young, because of her natural H cups. But she accepted her body and started working out to tone her figure and it did wonders for her.

Her Instagram is filled with raunchy pics and her followers are stunned to see her bold display of curves.


Instagram Account@violetsugarbaby
Korean Name김나정
Followers120 K
Popular Hastags#l4likes #bebe #selfie #model #l4likeforlikesback
USPProfessional Model

Kim Na-jung, a Korean model from Ewha Womans University, who previously worked in various fields, such as announcer and power influencer; has shot the hearts of male fans, showing off her superb sexiness and won the 2019 Miss Maxim Korea contest.

Kim was declared “The Face of Korea Beauty” last year and she told in an interview, that her future plan is to show all the purity, cut, and sexy in front of her fans, so that she can be called the next “Shinozaki Ai” in Korea.


Instagram Account@ulael_
Korean Name정유나
Followers534 K
Popular Hastags#student #model #love #fitness
USPProfessional Model

Jung Youna is a Professional Korean Model and You Tube Vlogger in Fashion space, who secured third place on our list of Sexiest Korean Model 2020. With her Aphrodite like beauty, followers get mesmerized by this miraculous creation of the Lord.


Instagram Account@ heybiblee
Korean Name이성경
Followers11 Million
Popular Hastags#student #model #love
USPKorean model, actress and singer

Lee Sung-Kyung is a famous South Korean TV personality, currently appearing in hit medical drama “Dr. Romantic, playing Cha Eun-jae, opposite Canadian-Korean heartthrob “Ahn Hyo-seop”. The magic in her mesmerising eyes, change the hues of days and nights of her 11 Million die hard followers.

Lee has found a unique of expressing her hotness quotient that might be vulnerable for the weak-heated ones.


Instagram Account@ bba_na_na
Korean Name바나나
Followers238 K
Popular Hastags#mood #model #Trending #Sexy
USPKorean makeup and fashion model

Lee Sang Bi aka Banana is a South Korean Fashion model, who has gained popularity due to her luscious lips and exotic appearances. Banana constantly keeps updating her Instagram as she never wants her fans to miss out on the show-off of her enviable figure and that’s why she’s our number 1 pick for the hottest Korean Instagram Model of 2020. Clad in lingerie’s, the hot model is making heads turns with her sultry avatar.

Check out the babe and share this post if you like it. please also comment Instagram of your favourite Korean Instagram Model, that we should look into for our next article.

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