Can Yaman – Biography, Family and Acting Career

If you are into the subject of modeling, then you might have seen this brooding actor on work. Goes by the name of Can Yaman, he is a brooding Turkish model who was born in 1989. He was born in the province of Istanbul, and he wanted to get into acting from a young age. His patent grandfather was an immigrant from Albania, and since then, his family has been living there. His grandmother was an immigrant from North Macedonia as well. If you know the famous football coach Fuat Yaman then Can Yaman is the nephew of Fuat. 

The early life of Can Yaman

Can Yaman was the only child in the family. That is why his grandparents were protective of him and wanted to grant all his wishes, which could necessarily come true. But when he was only five years old, Can Yaman’s parents divorced, and they started living separately from each other.

Can Yaman has a middle name of ─░talyan Lisesi, and not everyone knows about it. He was a graduate from the Bilfen elementary school, and that is why he has been brooded and tailor-made into a model that he always wanted to be.

At the first stages of college, Can left school so that he could focus on the other subjects that he wanted to. And then he later came and re-joined the University of Yeditepe at the Faculty of Law. 

He is also a lawyer because, for about six months, he has spent his elite days serving in the Price Waterhouse Coopers where he was based.

This is where he got this experience at work and his degree while he graduated the law school. On the other hand, as said, Can always wanted to be a good model, and that’s why he never stopped pursuing modeling.

Career life of Can Yaman

Can Yaman, after he became a lawyer, wanted to become a successful model. While he was studying for his course in college, he wanted to pursue his acting skills at the Gyuneyt Sayil. Can wanted to become a lawyer and a model at the same time, but he described that the primary role was being a lawyer, and modeling was a primary hobby for him.

When he first used to go to the court sessions, he used to stumble on his words. But Can Yaman never lost his confidence. He once told an insider that in order to become a good lawyer, he had to practice for the better, and that is why he improved his skills.

He wanted to make sure that his court sessions were essential, and that is the reason why he started practicing on his verbal skills. Can Yaman wish to be a good lawyer and fight cases, and that is the reason why he took up so many at the same time? He always aspired to become a professional with the help, and the presence of the professional skill sets that he had.

Now, this is the time when the actor told the media that he wasted half of his time in the courtroom, whereas he could have been a good model. For his knack in pursuing modeling, after all, Can Yaman always have a weak spot towards the light and cameras, and he is broodingly handsome, and that is why most of the photographers loved him.

He was a leading hero of the Turkish TV series, and he had the shoulder to work and be more dedicated to the role that he was doing. Of course, the TV show where Can started from did not have the highest rating of them all. And that is the reason why he wanted to stop and thereof. But as everyone knows, it is hard for a show to come in the air and then collect all the ratings for the first week.

This is where Can Yaman got motivated from his weeks, who told him that he could do much better and have better opportunities in the future as well. In the year of 2014, he stated in another show called the Affairs of the Heart” (the role of Bedir), and there was a leading actress who was placed beside him as well.

He said that he was not pleased by the role because of his stylish disfigured him. In an interview, he said, ‘Otherwise, I would not go through the casting, and I was significantly changed in appearance. My stylist even apologized: “I’m sorry, I disfigured you. But this was his big break in the media, and this is where the offers started showering onto his lap.

He says that he will forever be grateful for the amount of eagerness and happiness that people have showed from all around the world. 

Personal life, affairs of Can Yaman

The actors have been said to have links and relationships with the leading actress of his show onset. If you know Acelya Topaloglu, then you might see that she played the role of Define in the series and Can get close to her during filming. 

He said that he always felt a storing bond and connection with her that he did not think with the other actresses on set. This is the reason why he wanted to build a good and strong friendship with her.  

The romantic relationship of her and Can went on and off air, and the couples could not hold them back while they were filming as well. Critics have said that both Can, and she is submerged into each other, and that can be shown.  

The social network was blown with the kiss between Define and Can. But due to some shortage into the relationship, Can start seeing a new partner called Bestemsu Ozdemir. He was spotted going out with the actress, and his main reason was to make sure that the best way to avoid the spotlight and the camera was to have it in secret.

That is the reason why the actress and he kept it in secret for months.


Can Yaman was the most prominent face of controversy when it was stated that he threw a glass at the actress Selen Soyder. There are other controversies that have affected the actor as well. For overtimes, the actor has been the face for various modeling ads and brands, which has served a back leash from the customers. And for some of the controversies that he has faced over time is one to those which led to the source that he broke up with his main actress and got out with another one.

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