Dynamo Gaming Net Worth and Monthly Income

Want to know about current net worth of Dynamo Gaming? or searching for dynamo gaming monthly income from Youtube? Better you stop looking more as all stats related to Dynamo Gaming like his youtube income, net worth, girlfriend, phone number, brand collaborations, car details, real name and gaming pc setup details are provided here.

Aaditya Sawant from Mumbai is the face behind one of the largest gaming channel – Dynamo Gaming in the whole youtube community. His gaming journey began on 24 March 2015 when Aaditya uploaded first video – BF3 Montage on his youtube channel. Since then Dynamo Gaming channel has grown up exponentially with 10 Million subscribers at present.

During early stages of his gaming channel he used to play games like battle field, GTA5, dota2 etc. which helped him to to gain few subscribers. But the tremendous growth of Dynamo Gaming began with the launch of PUBG mobile game in India which made him to reach 10M subscribers on youtube quickly.

Dynamo Gaming Net Worth

By calculating Aaditya’s total income from youtube, immovable assets, movable assets, cars, investments we have found that Dynamo Gaming’s estimated net worth is between 2 Million to 3 Million in USD. Dynamo Gaming is now an established gaming brand in India as they have setup their own gaming house in Mumbai city. Aaditya Sawant not only earns revenue directly from youtube but many gaming brands like Asus Rog, Logitech etc. have sponsored him which pays him huge chunk of money. Generally parents treat gaming as an hobby in India but Dynamo Gaming has proved everyone wrong by becoming a millionaire.

Dynamo Gaming Net Worth in rupees: 15-20 Crore Rupees

Dynamo Gaming Monthly Income

Dynamo Gaming monthly income is between 8 to 15 lakh in rupees which comes from multiple sources including youtube revenue. So lets discuss the revenue model of Dynamo Gaming in detail:

  • Dynamo Gaming Monthly Youtube Ad Revenue: At present Dynamo Gaming is receiving more than 300k average video views daily which concludes to approx. 9 million views monthly. As Dynamo Gaming youtube channel falls into gaming category so the average CPM per 1000 view will be 1 dollar to 1.5 dollar. Conclusion is that the monthly youtube Ad income of Dynamo Gaming is between 4 lakh to 6 lakh rupees.
  • Dynamo Gaming Youtube Superchat & Membership Income: Apart income from youtube advertisements, Dynamo Gaming has 4 levels of membership starting from ₹59.00/month to ₹7,999.00/month. As per previous stats Dynamo gaming channels has more than 1000 sponsored members which concludes to an estimated earning of 1 lakh to 1.5 lakh per month. Also Dynamo live stream almost every day for atleast 2 hours in which he gets multiple superchats from which he makes 2-3 Lakhs per month.
  • Dynamo Gaming’s Income From Brand Endorsements: Dynamo also does sponsored content for many top brands in India which adds up to his monthly salary. Aaditya is one of the top BGMI streamer & influencer in India due to which he gets brand deals from top class companies like ASUS, Gillette, IQOO, One Plus, AMD and many more.

Well these above mentioned revenue models are the main sources of Dynamo’s income but we have found 2 more initiatives from he also earns an undisclosed amount. Aaditya Sawant also runs an online merchandise store from where his fans can buy products like T-Shirts, mouse pads, sippers and pop rings. Last year Aaditya also started his second youtube channel – DYNO VLOGS which currently has more than 5 lakh subscribers.

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Dynamo Gaming owns a Yamaha bike which he purchased in 2019 through his Youtube earnings and last year he also purchased AUDI car which adds more value to his net worth.


Aaditya Sawant a.k.a Dynamo Gaming was born on June 2 in a Marathi Family. Aaditya has done his schooling from Mumbai location and also completed his graduation in Business Management course recently. Since childhood days, Dynamo was very much interested in Video games and used to spend his pocket money in gaming parlours.

Real NameAaditya Sawant
Nick NameAADII
Age25 Years
BirthplaceMumbai, India
Birthday3 June
Father’s NameDeepak Sawant
HometownLokhandwala, Mumbai

Dynamo Gaming Girlfriend

Based on rumours and some online sources the Kanika is the girlfriend of Dynamo Gaming. Kanika is also a popular YT streamer with more than 500k subscribers and 250k+ followers on her Instagram page. If you are an Brand owner you can connect with Kanika through here official email: contact.kanigaming@gmail.com

Dynamo Gaming PC Setup

Dynamo Gaming PC setup which he used to play games and live stream on different online platforms is specially designed by Elite Hubs with the following specifications:

  • LG ULTRAGEAR 27GN750 Monitor (240Hz Refresh Rate, 1ms response time)
  • ZOTAC 3080TI Graphic Card (5 years warranty)
  • COOLER MASTER CK550 gaming keyboard
  • COOLER MASTER MM711 gaming mouse
  • COOLER MASTER MH650 gaming Headphone with inbuilt mic

Charity Live Streams

Aaditya Sawant (Dynamo Gaming) is a BGMI influencer with a huge heart as he has done charity streams for Indian Soldiers in the past. Through this charity stream Dynamo Gaming raised more than 1 lakh rupees which he donated live on Bharatkeveer Gov website. Dynamo has also helped victims of bihar flood which happened a year ago by raising money through his youtube gaming channel. Due to Dynamo’s huge popularity among teenagers almost in every online game when he plays, his fans come to meet him and recently on the interview by TECH2 he described the whole fan moment.

"It was a great moment which i can't express in words. I watch this fan moment clip every 3-4 days because it make me feels good & satisfied. And after this fan moment happened now in every alternate game 4-5 people usually come to meet in game. I can't see their faces and i also feel weird sometimes because i can only hear their voices. This is a kind of virtually environment which is increasing into realty day by day- sometimes i feel weird but sometimes i feel great."

Physical Stats

Height5 Ft 11 Inches (180cm)
Weight75 kg Approx.
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack

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